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Laura Smith is CEO and head of interactive visualisations at Slanted Theory, an innovative data visualisation and analytics company that utilises Virtual, Augmented and Mixed reality to disrupt the way data is analysed.

With a strong background in UX Design, Laura specialises in creating engaging interactive experiences in virtual reality to enable non-specialists to explore and understand their data like never before.

Laura will be talking about Slanted Theory’s technology: Immersive Analytics.

The data we generate today will continue to grow, with predictions of it reaching 163 Zettabytes by 2025. The complexity of that data is surpassing our ability to understand and utilise it in our decision making. The challenge of understanding and making use of that data is there for everyone from data scientists to the public.

So how do we remove the barrier between people and their data, especially when there is so much?

Slanted Theory’s ALAIRA facilitates real-time global collaboration, visual discovery of multi-dimensional data. It provides a flexible environment, making data more accessible for non-data specialists.

Laura will be talking at our inaugural event Immerse Sheffield #1 on Thursday 21st February 2019

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