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As the global property industry continues to value buildings only as tradable asset commodities to be bought and sold on the open bond markets,  it continues to have scant regard for the end of line people who actually rent and use them. The wider benefit that could be delivered if buildings were actually provided to more purposefully deliver increased user delight and productivity outcomes is rarely entertained. 

With this as the backdrop, Edward Murphy will provide feedback on his recently completed and ground-breaking Innovate UK Audience of the Future funded research which show what happens when Agile Methods is deployed  in combination with Virtual Reality (VR) technologies to enable new ways for users as co-designers to generate and then become fully immersed in better designed and more customer centric built environments.   The success of the new to property methods demonstrated how design was done with users rather than to users, engagement improved, business culture changed and improved, employees more empowered, operational performance lifted in experiential buildings that were fully customised to the needs of organisations and how they wanted to operate.  

Edward will be speaking at Immerse Sheffield #3 on 15th August 2019

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