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Ben Carlin is the co-director of Megaverse, an immersive content studio based between London and Sheffield. He is part of the Royal Shakespeare Digital Cohort and is a specialist visiting lecturer in Digital Media Production at Sheffield Hallam University.

Ben will be presenting Megaverse’s latest project called FLOOD which has been developed as part of the 2019 Creative XR programme from Digital Catapult and Arts Council England.

FLOOD is a mixed reality adaptation of award-winning playwright Rory Mullarkey’s darkly funny apocalypse play where water has overwhelmed the world and only a small group of teenagers remain to figure out how to survive. With stark allusions to global warming, war, and ongoing refugee crises, this immersive retelling of the ancient flood myth draws on both the immediacy of live theatre and the shape-shifting possibilities of CG and VR to bring home the reality of a world in flux. Audiences are invited to dive into the depths of the flood through headsets with integrated spatial audio as the actors, performing live inside the virtual world, morph between individual characters, guides and the water itself.

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